Friday, March 22, 2013

Women at the Last Supper

As we approach Holy Week it is important to remember the role of women would have played in the week's activities.  I was taught that there were twelve male disciples and Jesus in attendance at the Passover meal.  In Mark 14:12 the disciples ask Jesus where he wants them to make preparations for the Passover meal.  In Mark 14:17 Jesus arrives with the twelve to eat the meal.  Disciples, other than the twelve, were preparing the meal.  Apparently the disciples were more than twelve men.  We are told that women traveled with Jesus and ministered to Him.  We are told that women and the Mother of Jesus were at the crucifixion.  We are told in Luke 2:41-42 that every year the parents of Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Passover.  It does no make sense that Jesus would travel with men and women, including his mother, and these women would not be included in the feast which represents the most important event in Jewish history.  Women disciples would have been the disciples who prepared the meal.  As a Jewish acquaintance once asked, "What do they think, he got Passover to go?"     
Following is a video for those of us who may not be familiar with the Seder or Passover meal.

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